15 Days Shifting Hajj


Madinah: Elaf Taiba Hotel (Breakfast and Dinner)
Aziziyah Service: Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
Stya in Aziziyah: Furnished Accommodation
Mina Service European tent (A/C)
A/C tents in Arafat
Departure: 22 August 2017 (London to Madinah)
Retrun: 06 September 2017 (Jeddah to London)
Internatl transport in A/C coaches
Ziyarat & Pre Hajj Seminar in Madinah
* Visa & Transportation are included
* Flights Included
Please Call: 0203-195-8700
Note: All our packages are subject to availability, prices may vary depending on exact dates of travel.


Your Haj Package is ATOL Protected.
Retrun flights
Hajj Visa
Hajj Draft
Elaf Taiba Hotel within proximity of Masjid a Nabwi
Elaf Taiba will provide Full Breakfast and Dinner
A/C Coaches provided by Saudi Ministry of Hajj
Aziziyah Furnished Apartment with ensuite Bathroom
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Aziziyah
Aziziyah Apartment access available during Hajj period
A/C tents in Mina, European section
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Mina provided by Maulim
A/ C Tents in Arafah
Lunch and Refreshment in Arafah provided by Maullim


Depart 22Aug 29/30 DQ from London HeathroW
Day 1 23Aug 01 DH Arrive Madinah
Day 2 24Aug 02 DH Madinah Stay
Day 3 25Aug 03 DH Madinah Stay
Day 4 26Aug 04 DH Madinah Stay
Day 5 27Aug 05 DH Leave Madinah for Umrah and to Aziziyah
Day 6 28Aug 06 DH Aziziyah Stay
Day 7 29Aug 07 DH Aziziyah Stay
Day 8 30Aug 08 DH Leave for Mina
Day 9 31Aug 09 DH Day of Arafah & Night stay in Muzdulifah
Day 10 01Sep 10 DH 1st Day of Jamarat (Stoning)
Day 11 02Sep 11 DH 2nd Day of Jamarat (Stoning)
Day 12 03Sep 12 DH 3rd Day of Jamarat and Back to Aziziyah
Day 13 04Sep 13 DH Aziziyah Stay
Day 14 05Sep 14 DH Aziziyah Stay
Day 15 06Sep 15 DH Makkah and Depart for London